The Toll Gate Science Department provides a comprehensive program of physical and biological science courses designed to help students understand the natural and manmade worlds. The curriculum includes physical science, biology, chemistry and physics. It also offers students opportunities to study specialized areas such as botany, zoology and geology. Students are taught to understand how fundamental scientific principles work and observe how science affects their lives. This education provides a solid foundation for studying science at the college level, but also informs students on any life path about the scientific foundations of products and technologies that affect their everyday lives.

Curriculum and Instruction

Science Department 

Kenneth Kurkoski, Department Head                                      

Debra Capuano-Ajaj                           Sara Morgan      

Stephanie Catanzaro                         Wendy Parent

Kathryn Chasse                                  Christopher Plante

Jennifer Cutting                                   Paul St.Jean

Jessica Greenberg                               Lee Steitz

Michele Landrie                                  Michael Vadney